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Welcome to the official page of The Odd Magazine and The Odd Books. Browse through for our vital information. updates and links to all oddities available online. This is your one-stop odd destination from where you will be linked to oddities as and when they are published. Here's to odd times ahead. 
Always, #StayOdd!
Your's Oddly,

Sreemanti Sengupta,


The Odd Magazine was born out of the need to give voice to the misfits, the weirdos, the left-outs - the 'odds'. What began on a sultry summer afternoon in May 2012 is now a treasure house edition old e-magazine that publishes alternate creativity in fiction, poetry, art, photography, interviews, videos and more from across the globe. Odd's motto - "Be Odd. Be Very Odd" rings through all its issues - a plaintive sign of disturbance is what marks the oddities.


The Odd Books are the newest addition to the Odd stable. These mini books done in collaboration with odd artists and poets meant for international distribution. Odd Books are meant to be slim, short and sharp, collectables you can carry in your pocket but cannot ignore. We are still in the nascent stages of making this work. Need all the help!



Heading 4



Sreemanti Sengupta, Odditor

Sreemanti Sengupta is an advertising copywriter from Kolkata. India. She loves writing in English and Bangla, which is her native language. She also loves unintentional brooding, sleeping, disobedience, impulsiveness, reading, talking out-of-turn/out-of-place, photography, painting, music and did I mention writing? She reads and writes whenever possible. Sreemanti’s work has been published on the online and print media.

You can reach her at

+91 9836576777


Snigdhendu Bhattacharya, Oddball

Snigdhendu Bhattacharya is a journalist who loves going off to villages on the slightest pretext. He is a well known art detective and is happiest when he spoils auctions and challenges fraudulent activities. He also writes admirably in Bangla and English and is at present carving out his debut non fiction on the Maoist movement in India, especially Bengal.

Reach him at

+91 9051996369

Gary Cummiskey, OddQ - Interview Odditor

Gary Cummiskey’s father was Antonin Artaud and his mother Anaïs Nin. He is the author of several poetry chapbooks, including Don’t Stop Until Incinerated (Tearoom Books, Stockholm, 2016), I Remain Indoors (Tearoom Books, 2013) and Sky Dreaming (Graffiti Kolkata, India, 2011). In 2009 he published Who was Sinclair Beiles?, a collection of writings about the South African Beat poet, co-edited with Eva Kowalska. He is also the author of a collection of short stories, Off-ramp. He lives in Johannesburg, where he spends his evenings dreaming of Babylon.





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