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“A Song for Syria” is a dream that puts between covers poetry, fiction, art, songs and interviews of Syrian artistes - voices that have risen over bomb smoke, art that has been dipped in blood, of artistes who were forced to flee their homeland and those who stayed back.


It’s time. Sing with Syria.


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Anthology Contributors

Poets: Faraj Bayrakdar, Tareq Aljabr, Hamed Abboud, Emad Al-Ahmad, Tammam H. Hunnaidy and  Hussam Eddin Mohammad

Writers: Rateb Shabo, Yousef Wakkas, Mustafa Taj Aldin Almusa and Sanaa Aoun

Art: Hani Abbas, Aziz Asmar, Abu Malek Al-Shami and Kesh Malek Syria

Interviews: Saeed Albatal (Filmmaker), Mohammad Abu Hajar (Rapper), Abu Malek Al-Shami (Graffiti Artist) and Yousef Wakkas (Writer)

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