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Welcome to Odd Books

Odd Books from The Odd Magazine represents the indomitable spirit of creative resistance between the covers. True to the odd tradition, these delightful collaborations feature artists across the globe expressing their solidarity with the survival of the odd-ones-out, the misfits, and the inbetweeners. Odd Books is an invite-only platform.


Please click here for submissions for The Odd Magazine.


14 USD annually will get you all our annual Odd Books realease/s. Subscribe here!


We are not-for-profit and all for love!


Always, #StayOdd!

There's lots more on the way!


Support the Odds


There's no hiding the bare facts. As The Odd Magazine expands, so do expenses. We are now asking for a nominal yearly subscription fee of $14 to meet the ends. When you subscribe you get the Odd Books of the year delivered to your doorstep, except the books which are not available on mail order and has to be bought online only. If you are not comfortable subscribing but still want to do your bit to keep the Odd spirit going both in the e-magazine and print format, you can simply donate and pay whatever you desire to spread some oddness into the world. 

Help us help you stay Odd.

Please click this link to subscribe/donate to The Odd Magazine.

Subscribers who are pitching in their $14, please write to us at with your full mailing address.

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